miercuri, 20 mai 2015

Moleskine Sketches

Sketching is an art same like painting, drawing, sculpture making and other artistic skill. It can be passion or profession, can be hobby or leisure to fulfil desires and to relax mind. Pencil has been used for creating sketches but ink and charcoal is also being used for this purpose. Whatever artists feel, whatever he sees, whatnot he observes, he puts it on paper, draws in paper. It all about passion, hobby or soft spot.
We gathered fantastic Moleskine sketches 6 by Norio Fujikawa. He is San Francisco, USA based artist. He is an intelligent and bright illustrator & digital artist. Moleskine Sketches 3 were shared before few months but this post contains his latest work. Moleskine Sketches 3 were creative piece of work but Moleskine sketches 6 are wonderful and fantastic piece of work which is really creative and resourceful. In fact Norio knows how to draw on paper perfectly, how to bring out imagination on paper and how to give out things that are being draw on paper.
Won’t go for more detail. Here’s fantastic Moleskine sketches 6 of Norio that will reveal his artistic skill to us.

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