miercuri, 20 mai 2015

Brilliant Digital Art and Illustration

                                                    Brilliant Digital Art and Iilustration 

We love to share work of different artist for inspiration along with elaborating how they work, how they explore the thing, how they got this stage etc. This time we chose work of Patrick who is an illustrator and digital artist. Patrick Seymour is from Montreal, Canada. He is an illustrator and digital artist as told before. He has artistic skill in digital art, character design and illustration. He has been used to do simple work contain just black and white lines. Green, light brown and crimson color also be used when needed to give extra appealing look to piece of art. Face of wolf, deer, tiger, mask and other can be seen for more clearance of colors. In some images, multiple colors is also used.

Carne Griffiths

Carne Griffiths is originally from Liverpool and graduated from Kent Institute of Art and Design in 1995.  He worked as a gold wire embroidery designers for twelve years and finally he became the creative director. Carne has been used to produce complex design for film, fashion, military, theatre and advertising companies. His designs were used for the uniforms in the films Valkyrie, The Last King of Scotland. In ‘Red Death Coat’ was used in The Phantom of the Opera particularly. His extravagant flowery designs for Asprey were comprised in first ever catwalk collection and his work was featured on the embroidered cover of the 80th Royal Variety Performance program in 2008.
Fountain pen has been used to draw sketches and then vodka, brandy and tea was used to complete it. Ink and tea portraits were shown at London Art Fair 2015 with Inkd gallery. All portraits are well drawn that attract attention of viewers.

Awesome Iilustration Art of Emi Haze

Awesome illustration Art of Emi Haze will be displayed for your inspiration. This illustration and digital art based work is simply awe and remarkable which will reveal his concern, dedication and passion.

He is 30 years only and lives in north east of Italy. He loves designing as design is her huge passion and concern which can be seen below. His creativity is full of stir, motivation and passion. His very first work was focused on graphic style based on construction and destruction of human body using diverse tools. His fresh work is merged with human body with nature. He beautifully did recent work adding four elements. He is working as freelance and now she is focusing in her personal projects and creation. What should I write more about her work? Flawless and awesome. You guys will like the way he works and work as well.

Moleskine Sketches

Sketching is an art same like painting, drawing, sculpture making and other artistic skill. It can be passion or profession, can be hobby or leisure to fulfil desires and to relax mind. Pencil has been used for creating sketches but ink and charcoal is also being used for this purpose. Whatever artists feel, whatever he sees, whatnot he observes, he puts it on paper, draws in paper. It all about passion, hobby or soft spot.
We gathered fantastic Moleskine sketches 6 by Norio Fujikawa. He is San Francisco, USA based artist. He is an intelligent and bright illustrator & digital artist. Moleskine Sketches 3 were shared before few months but this post contains his latest work. Moleskine Sketches 3 were creative piece of work but Moleskine sketches 6 are wonderful and fantastic piece of work which is really creative and resourceful. In fact Norio knows how to draw on paper perfectly, how to bring out imagination on paper and how to give out things that are being draw on paper.
Won’t go for more detail. Here’s fantastic Moleskine sketches 6 of Norio that will reveal his artistic skill to us.

Pen Drawings by Alex Konahin

 Pen Drawings by Alex Konahin

The illustration is a visualization being concerned more on form than about it. It can be a drawing, sketch, image, or painting. In today’s modern world of illustrations are created by using various computer software applications. They can either become two dimensional or three dimensional illustrations. 
Digital illustration art finds its software in several areas where info through peace is delivered. With the advent of sophisticated digital technology, the need for digital illustrators has highly increased. If you are new to this field and wants to know the benefit or seeking it as your job accomplishment, then this short article is the greatest place in which you can find out about everything regarding digital illustration.
 Hopefully our readers like this Inspirational post.